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Professional 3D Printing Services and Engineering CAD

Alberta Spatial Replication specializes in the iteration and additive manufacturing of 3D products through 3D printing and CAD work. If you want an existing model printed, we can make that happen. Through Computer Aided Design (CAD) and 3D printing hardware, we can rapidly prototype your idea to a "proof of concept" without the enormous costs of conventional manufacturing, especially if the design needs iterating. Our design capabilities extend to both engineering parts and artistic design, from composition to printing and painting.

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3D Print Showcase  |  Engineering Showcase  |  Artistic Showcase

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White Dragon
White Dragon
Flying Eagle
Flying Owl
Devil Erinyes
Two-headed Wolf
Wild Boar
Rat Devil
Glab Rezu
Ice Devil
Demon Balor
Bone Devil

3D Printed Miniatures are for sale!

Professionally resin-printed miniatures by various 3D modeling artists handled with care and sent directly to you. Perfect for gifts or personal figurine collections!



Services from Calgary, Alberta CA


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