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Nalfeshnee Miniature

Nalfeshnee Miniature


Sized for use in D&D (28mm scale)

Order now and we'll ship it once it is printed!

Color might vary for unprimed models.


Single item only. Model is as-shown in the pictures and video.


To order the model primed, please select unprimed and add a comment stating that you wish the model primed. 

  • Credit

  • Franchise

    D&D Monster Manual

  • Dimensions

    20.8g / 6cm x 8cm

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Return and Shipping Policy

We take full responsibility for the condition of the product on arrival. If the product was damaged during shipping, we can either refund the cost of the item with in-store credit, or exchange the item for free, with no return required. In order to prove it was damaged during shipping, please record yourself opening the package.

If you are not happy with your purchase, please send the item back to us. Once we confirm the item arrived undamaged, we will refund the cost of the item in question with in-store credit. In this case the buyer must pay for return shipping.

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