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February 18, 2023

Voron V2.4R2 MGN12 Euclid Rapido-UHF CW2 X-carriage

Voron V2.4R2 x-carriage frame for use with MGN12 x rail, CW2 extruder, Euclid probe, and bythorsthunder's Stealthburner Rapido UHF Toolhead

Note, the heat insert holes are for use with M3 5x4mm heat inserts (the same ones used for building the voron). The Euclid probe's mounting holes require the use of M2.5 screws or smaller. You will have to either find M2.5 heat inserts of that size or do as I did and drill out the two mounting holes of the Euclid with a 3mm drill bit then use M3x6 screws to fasten the probe to the carriage frames.

This mod lowers the Euclid PCB the exact amount the toolhead increased by from the UHF upgrade. This means you will not have to touch your Euclid dock if you use this mod.

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