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February 18, 2023

The Filament Butler

In short, this is a manually-operated drop-in replacement for the Prusa MMU2, for use in high(ish) temperature printing.

I put my two Prusa Mk3s into enclosures in order to print ABS/ASA without warping. Unfortunately, the control boards of each MMU couldn't handle the elevated temperatures (~50C) and burned out. Instead of moving the electronics of the MMU2 out of the hot chamber, I decided to completely eliminate the automated swapping of filament. I run the Tefnut system and wanted to maintain compatibility with it. The Filament Butler uses M10 PC6 pneumatic fittings to attach the 6mm OD tubing of Tefnut and proffers each filament to the operator for easy manual swapping, all without having to open the drybox lids.

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