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February 16, 2023

TEFNUT: MMU-Compatible Lid Harness Bracket

MMU-Compatible Enclosure Lid Safety-Harness Upper Lid Bracket

The lifting lid of the MMU compatible prusa enclosure becomes very back heavy when five of my dryboxes are on top. While servicing the printer I pushed the lid up too high and it flipped all the way back on itself, destroying the hinges, and several of my rewinders and tube adapters. In order to avoid this happening again I designed an anchor point for the lid intended for a 2mm twisted steel cable to loop through and create an over-lifting protection. I imagine it would also work with nylon cords or twine if they are thin enough.

The anchor is designed to use a large area of contact on the top of the lid as attachment to the lid, since a screwed plate to the inside of the lid would rip out in a full force flip. The large plate also serves as a cover for any imperfections in cuts to the top of the enclosure.

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