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February 18, 2023

Sliding Window Remote Control

Sliding Window Remote Control


linear actuator x1
L298N H-bridge motor driver x1 Amazon
12v power supply with 5.5mm barrel jack x1 Amazon
limit switch x1 Amazon
SPST-mom button x1 Amazon
Panic cutoff button x1 Amazon
SPDT-mom switch x1 Amazon
SPDT-latching switch x1 Amazon
5.5mm x 2.1mm barrel jack connector Amazon
power button x1 Amazon
12v A4x20 fan x1 Amazon
panic button x1 Amazon
Arduino Wemos D1 Mini x1 Amazon
2 port wago x1
3 port wago x1
5 port wago x2
2 port microfit-3 connectors and crimps x2
Dupont headers and crimps
ferrule crimps
M3 hardware
M3 heat inserts (4mmH x 5mmD) x4


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